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Power Supplies
A driver or gear is a power supply that you need if you work with LED lighting just like you need a transformer when working with 12-volt halogen lighting.

And just as with 12-volt lighting, this driver can be built into the device or must be provided separately. In general, the driver is built-in into all surface-mounted and hanging lamps for residential use. For recessed spotlights and built-in wall lamps, usually a separate driver must be provided. If the installation is in a suspended ceiling or a hollow wall, then the driver cansimply be placed next to the lighting. With full wall or vault, there must be another place such as the fuse box.

Every brand has its own way of determining which driver is suitable for which device. For our main brands you can find out how to choose the right driver.
Delta Light
For Delta Light we compiled a table ourselves so that you can easily find the right driver, and on the product page there is in the list of features a button called Power Supply.Click on it and a list with the right drivers opens or click on the buttons to see all Delta Light drivers per current group.
Modular Lighting
Modular provides a table on which you can see which drivers are suitable for the luminaire of your choice.
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