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Wever & Ducré WIRO
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LED lighting, exciting times yes, but also a high technicality.

Choose lighting for your project is more than ever a challenge. As with any new technology the market is confusing. There is led, and there is LED. One has an efficiency of 50 lumens per watt, the other effortlessly achieves more than 100 lumens per watt and therefore gives twice as much light for the same power. There are many colors of light, color rendering indexes, lifetimes and ultimately the appropriate driver must be selected. It's all but easy.

Your architect in consultation with a lighting specialist can help you create a well-balanced project. SIXLIGHT also can assist you with its many years of experience in architectural and design lighting. Offering service during and after the sale is just. What we offer more is an extra service before the sale. By intense support of our customers, we avoid disappointments later.

You have a building project? We would love to make a light study for you. Did you already get a lighting plan from your architect? We offer a second opinion. And then we guide you through the numerous possibilities with sometimes minor details resulting in great differences.

Rik Six
Senior Light Advisor.

Sazinieties ar mums

Are you an architect, interior designer or landscape architect?

We like to assist you with our many years of experience in architectural and design lighting. Are you planning a lighting project with fixtures of one or more of our brands? Are you working on a residential or commercial project? Please join SIXLIGHT and enjoy a complimentary light study.

We look forward to a cooperation. Call us on +32 9279 9184 or email us.

Send us your digital plan and within days you can submit a lighting study to your customer.

Sūtīt e-pastu

SIXLIGHT is a Belgian family company founded in 1981 and since that time working with architectural and design lighting in predominantly residential and commercial projects.
We were there when Modular presented for the first time their revolutionary concept with 12 volt halogen. And we are still here at the start of a new revolution named LED which is rolled out at this very moment.
We offer only quality brands such as Delta Light, Modular, Wever & Ducré, Royal Botania, and others. Service is not a fashionable term but our everyday reality. By purchasing lights from SIXLIGHT you become a member of our great club with +10000 satisfied customers in 23 countries.

You buy securely online.

In the past and until now we have always done everything possible to make your purchases completely safe. We are ten years online without any accident.
Your financial information such as your credit card number will not be saved by us. We left this care to Ingenico Payment Services, formerly Ogone, offering you a 100% secure environment with dual control of your own bank. This makes your payment completely safe.

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