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Bathroom lighting is an outsider caused by the specific regulations regarding lighting in the bathroom. These requirements cause a separate design. The device must always be protection against water infiltration.

On this page you will find a number of examples of bathroom lighting especially around the mirror. The best results can be achieved here. Also are shown some examples of a mirror with fully integrated LED lighting. Even a cupboard with a mirror door containing the lighting.

Of course, lighting is also placed on or in the ceiling. On this page also a few beautiful ceiling lights. If you opt for recessed downlights, click here above on outdoor lighting and then on Recessed downlights. This way you will see a collection of recessed spots whose IP value is always high enough for use in the bathroom.

If you are interested in the technical specifications of the different areas for bathroom lighting, everything will be explained at the bottom of this page.

We get a lot of questions about bathroom lighting. That is why we have created this special page. The legislation varies by country and since we supply worldwide we have to be a bit cautious. But in general the following rules can be stated. In addition, bathroom lighting is about IP values. This value consists of two digits with the first digit on the dust density and the second on the water tightness. In the bathroom, only the second digit is important, although both figures go hand in hand.

Zone 0
In the bath or in the bathroom shower, only underwater lighting can be placed inside the bath and shower edges. That is lighting that is indicated by an IPx7. This must operate on low voltage, 12 volt halogen for example or max. 25 volt DC for LED.

Zone 1.
Above the bath or the shower, up to a height of 2.25 m, only bathroom lighting with a minimum IPx5 value may be installed, also working at low voltage. Note that the transformer or the driver must be placed outside that zone.

Zone 2.
60 cm around the bath and the shower lighting can only be placed with an IPx4 and also working at low voltage.

Zone 3.
In a small bathroom this is actually the rest of the bathroom. In theory all space within 2.4m outside the zone 2. There the bathroom lighting must have an IPx1. The low voltage is not required here.

So it is not true that in a bathroom all lighting should be IP44 as is often claimed. Only if you want to place lighting closer than 60cm from the bath or shower border you need a higher IP rating.

This information is guiding and may differ per country. Best contact an electrician for a local advice.

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