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Illuminazione-Esterna Royal Botania Beacon

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Outdoor Lighting

generally creates a fairy-tale atmosphere. The garden as an extension of your interior, it cannot be without the right lighting. This garden lighting can be functional for example for your driveway or terrace, it can increase safety in combination with a motion detector, but above all, garden lighting can bring a garden to life. Nothing more beautiful than a tree with the crest illuminated from the ground with a ground recessed spot. It becomes a fairy tale when a small garden spot or pole illuminates the ornamental grasses. A garden without light is a dark window. A well-lit garden makes your living room many times bigger and until late in the evening you enjoy the view.
Below you will find atmospheric images from various gardens in which the lighting plays an important role. By clicking on the picture you will immediately see the product where you will find more information. Or click on one of the categories above. Illuminazione-Esterna Royal Botania Spiky Illuminazione-Esterna Royal Botania Tesla Illuminazione-Esterna SLV F-Pol
A nice garden spot on a slightly higher pole brings these ornamental grasses and flowers to life. Because the spot is very elegant and nice, this garden lighting hardly rises in the border. The Tesla of Royal Botania is a wonderful outdoor lighting made of artisan thick glass. The combination with the navigation lamp makes it complete. This simple and affordable bollard of SLV does what it needs to do. It marks the path and immediately gives depth to your garden. Recommended.
Illuminazione-Esterna Royal Botania Log
The Royal Botania Log is a minimalistic teak wood lamp. The light source is a 5 watt LED. On the picture you can see that this is really enough light. Led as garden lighting is therefore the future. A wooden wall lamp that fuses with the wooden wall. A successful application. Illuminazione-Esterna Royal Botania Club Illuminazione-Esterna SLV Dasar Illuminazione-Esterna Delta Light Butler
The garden living room. Here too the outdoor lighting contributes to the atmosphere. The table and chairs, as well as the standing lamp, can be used indoors or outdoors. Ground recessed spots placed under trees always create a very fairy-tale atmosphere. Position this exterior lighting as close as possible to the trunk for the best possible result. The old plissé lampshade, back here as garden lighting. Create a romantic atmosphere in your garden, in grandmothers fashion, yet in a high technological performance.
Royal-Botania BEAMY

Royal-Botania BULLET

DeltaLight CARREE

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DeltaLight DOX

DeltaLight DOX

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DeltaLight OBLIX

MOSTRA TUTTE FAMIGLIE ILLUMINAZIONE-ESTERNA With outdoor lighting you have two approaches. The first way is to make the plants extra accentuated and the lighting disappears in the garden. During the day you will not notice the lighting, in the evening you will see the plants beautifully lit. A very different way is to consider the outdoor lighting as light objects that get a very clear place in the garden, which are part of it. During the day they are statues, in the evening they do their work and accentuate the plants.

If you want to make the lighting disappear in the garden, choose ground recessed spots or low garden spots or fine bollards. Do you want to choose the lighting manifesto in the garden than chose for more massive garden poles or wall lights.

Choose for LED as garden lighting. An hour more or less plays barely a part in your electricity consumption, since LEDs use less than 5 watts per hour. And since this lighting also has a long life, they need not immediately to be replaced.

If you have a roof rack or a covered terrace, you can use recessed downlights. For a terrace, this is the most functional solution. As a result you will be able to read your newspaper there. Recessed downlights in the roof rack are an optimal safety lighting.

A wall lamp next to the door marks the access and gives a certain cachet to your home. You opt for indirect lighting, up or down or up/down. Be moderate with this type of lighting and do not turn your home into an attraction.

Bollards and garden spots as outdoor lighting mark the paths, the ramps and the borders. As mentioned above, well tucked away in green or on the contrary very present as a light object. Do not overdo this neither. Do not transform your garden into a lunapark. A sparing accent here and there gives a much greater effect than dozens of light points.

And finally there is the latest trend. Outdoor lighting that looks like interior lighting and placed in the garden as an extension of your interior. It undoubtedly gives style to your terrace, but take it inside with a weather prevision of wind 10.