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Outdoor Lighting Royal-Botania Beacon Modular - Wollet - 349,16 euro - LED 3 watt

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

, it differs into a number of categories that you find here at the left. Through these categories you will find what you are looking for right away. However, if you want to enjoy first some of the best models, scroll downwards.

On our site you will find quality interior lighting. You can find everything out yourself or you call in our light study service. If you start on yourself, imagine that all interior lighting, whether put on the ceiling or on the wall, is divided into two groups: base lighting and accent lighting. A good lighting is always a mix between these two groups.
Wever & Ducré - Deep 2.0 - 75,23 euro - 35 watt

Modular Wollet

is the latest generation with OLED lighting. This is a very thin LED lighting that effortlessly integrates into this elegant and multifunctional device. It can be turned up and down and folds open and close as a wallet.
Delta Light - Montur M - 307,99 euro - 40 watt
SLV - Kadux - 47,97 euro - 2x35 watt
Delta Light - Vision - 180,30 euro - 60 watt
This beautiful

Delta Light Montur

wall lamp is top quality and is both outdoor and indoor lighting. In combination with a filament navigation lamp this is a beautiful design.

SLV Kadux

is a fun and functional design ideal for the small budget. You can put two LED lights inside with GU10 foot.

Delta Light Vision

has become a classic in the collection of this prestigious brand. It has or halogen, LED or even RGB LED for beautiful colors on board.
Modular - Split - 396,03 euro - LED 4 watt

Modular Split

is a minimalist design. The light escapes not only up and down but also through the split. A variety of colors, different inside and outside, can create all kinds of lights. Here a gold-colored interior for extra warm light.
Wever & Ducré - Wetro - 336,88 euro - LED 8 watt
Delta Light - Topix - 102,88 euro - LED 1 watt
LightYears - Caravaggio - 149,87 euro - 33 watt

Wever & Ducré Wetro

is the latest count in the collection of this brand. The design was inspired by the 1960s but is of course equipped with the latest LED technology.

Delta Light Topix

is a nice little LED wall lamp that lets you do a lot of things. it's best to get it in a repetitive setup along a wall or in a group.


is a Danish brand with a very typical Scandinavian design. Discover the whole collection and start with the most popular model: the Caravaggio pendant lamp.
178,51 euro
42 watt
87,31 euro
20 watt
Medo 40
226,36 euro
LED 3 watt
Delta Light
107,93 euro
35 watt
Wever & Ducré
452,44 euro
20 watt
135,04 euro
LED 4 watt
As mentioned above, you always need both basic lighting and accent lighting for each project with interior lighting. The use of only base lighting gives a very flat interior. If you only use accent lighting, your interior will be too busy. A good indoor lighting is one with the right balance between the two.

A good base lighting should be non-dazzling. This can be achieved by a good ceiling lamp with a soft and non-blinding light or a wall lamp via indirect lighting. But it can equally be achieved with a range of strategically placed wide-beam recessed downlights

A good accent lighting must first of all also be non-dazzling. And that is sometimes more difficult to achieve. Accent lighting can come from a directional built-in spot with a narrow beam or from surface mounted spots. You must always make sure that it is impossible to cross the imaginary line between the light source and the illuminated object. Therefore, it is always good to put the light points on an imaginary line parallel to the walls at a distance of plus minus one meter. And make sure that the spots are always facing the wall or downwards. In this way, dazzling is ruled out.

You can create a basic and accent lighting with one and the same device, such as a surface mounted spot. In the better collections as you find them on our site, spots can be equipped with a variety of light sources, with wide and narrow beams. The newest generation even has an adjustable lens, allowing the spot to be set between wide and narrow.

If you do not trust your skills, do not hesitate and use our light study service. In order to guarantee quality, we cannot offer such a service for free. However, after purchasing the lighting, the amount paid will be deducted completely from the amount of lighting so that at the end the study is for free indeed.