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Scroll and discover some bestsellers or choose a category and find immediately what you're looking for. DeltaLight METRONOME
The Belgian company

Delta Light

is without any doubt leader in the market of architectural and design lighting and this not only in Belgium but in the whole world. Who travels a lot already knows this. As well in private homes as in shops you will find the most innovative lighting in this country. Delta Light is in this market a big player, trend setter and very innovative. In thirty years it has grown from a small company to a world player. Delta Light delivers high-end quality lighting. By getting a Delta Light lamp in your home you get a state of the art light object.

Since a few years Delta Light is intensively working with LED. Of course the whole sector is occupied with this new technology but Delta Light always goes a bit further, keeps a step in front.

Working with quality LED is one thing. Integrate those LED in top design objects, this is the strenght of Delta Light.
The Delta Light Metronome is an award winning hanging lamp made with slats that provide a very playful effect. Price from 590 euro. DeltaLight Montur M DeltaLight Tweeter DeltaLight Superloop
The Delta Light Montur is a modern application of an archetypal appearance, the light source contained between the ribs of a beam. Price from 295 euro. The soul of the Delta Light Tweeter is the patented guiding system which makes it impossible to see inside the ceiling at any time. Price from 99 euro. The Delta Light Superloop, a suspended circle with an LED light source on the inside. Beautiful and elegant design.
Discover in this short video all new 2018 models of Delta Light. DeltaLight Rand DeltaLight Kix DeltaLight Tweeter M
Another classic of Deltalight, the Rand. Now with dimmable LED lamps, an energy-saving solution. Price from 299 euro. Delta Light's Kix is one of the most popular garden spots. Ornate, multi-functional and with LED. Price from 249 euro. The Tweeter also exists with Delta Light as a surface mounted luminaire, with built-in LED lamp and driver and with the same directional system.
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SHOW ALL DeltaLight In the eighties of the last century, lighting technology was accelerated thanks to the invention and commercialization of the low voltage lighting. Suddenly, there were very small light sources available that were a new challenge for each lighting manufacturer.

In West Flanders, a number of lighting companies, including Delta Light, were launched. Paul Ameloot had earned his traces with other manufacturers and decided to create his own line. Now, 30 years later, Delta Light is leading the market, still led by the founder and his two sons. Delta Light also originated in the international market. Today, this prestigious brand is sold all over the world.

We participated in those years and saw Delta Light and other brands grow. The low voltage lighting created an incredible growth. But 12 volts also has undeniable disadvantages. The large currents associated with low voltage caused quite some stress. Not so with the latest technology: LED. The light source is as small as halogen and after some years of research, we can now say that the LED light is a valid equivalent to halogen.

Delta Light didn’t stay behind, on the contrary. The architectural design of this brand was always excellent and got new wings with the rise of the LED lighting. Year after year, Delta Light brings out new models, well-studied models and with respect for our eco system. For those looking for the better lighting, Delta Light is the place to be.

SixLight is official distributor of Delta Light and has built up a thorough knowledge in the thirty years that it has been active. On our site, we love to present the world leader in architectural and design lighting: Delta Light.