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Whoever visits our website receives a cookie on his or her computer. That cookie assigns you a completely anonymous and unique number. If you place something in your shopping cart and come back later, you will find your shopping cart thanks to that cookie.

If you order on our website, this will also be noted in the cookie. This means that you will find the complete history of your data and orders afterwards. You can change your data at any time, for example after a move. You can also delete your data.

We would also like to know how many visitors we have and from which country they come or what language they speak. In this way we find out whether it pays to place paid advertisements on Google in the various countries. We use google analytics for this, which completely anonymises your data.

Your information is not shared with anyone. This is for internal use only. Finally, we must have the accounting information of our customers and their orders. It is also important to know that your credit card number or other bank details are never stored on our server. That sensitive data is processed by a financial institution that is equipped and protected for this. We never know your card number. This guarantees a safe payment on our website.

If you still want to disable cookies, you can always do this in your browser settings. However, you will no longer find your shopping basket and your previous orders on your next visit.

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