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Scrollen und entdecken Sie einige Bestseller oder wählen Sie eine Kategorie und finden Sie sofort was Sie suchen. Wever-Ducre Bishop
Wever & Ducré has a moved history. The original company was founded in the eighties together with other renowned lighting brands. Some years back, it went wrong. From the ruins, the new Wever & Ducré was born under the wings of XAL, another world leader in architectural lighting.

Today we look at a modern collection, fun designs in a simple technical approach. They listened to you, the consumer. For example, the market wants dimmable devices, dimmed with the most common dimmers. Most of the collection is now phase-cut dimming.

More and more, they go on the decorative tour. Hanging lamps are now an essential part of the Wever & Ducré collection. These are in all shapes and colors. Also wall and ceiling lamps are common in the collection and real pearls can be found.
The Wever & Ducré Bishop is a beautiful stately pendant lamp, in beautiful colors and with an eye for detail. Price from 199,00 euro. Wever-Ducre Venn Wever-Ducre Ray Wever-Ducre Box
The Venn is well on his way to become a classic at Wever & Ducré. A piece of architecture in a lighting fixture. Price from 499,00 euro. The Wever & Ducré Ray is one of the most popular wall and ceiling lamps, of course with LED. Price from 49,00 euro. The Box, the true classic and most popular wall lamp of the last decades. A top of Wever & Ducré. Much imitated, never matched.
Make a Smile in your bathroom with this fixture of Wever & Ducré. As a wall lamp, but also as a garden lamp, a range of possibilities.
Price from 189,00 euro.
Wever-Ducre JJW Wever-Ducre Wetro Wever-Ducre Wiro
The J.J.W. a true classic in gold or silver finish. It consists as a ceiling lamp or as a wall lamp in various sizes and designs. Brand new from Wever & Ducré, de Wetro. Right from the 50's, but of course equipped with the latest technology. The most successful hanging lamp of the brand, in an infinite variety of formats, designs, colors and lamps. Recommended.
Wever-Ducre Familien
Wever-Ducre ARZY

Wever-Ducre ATIM

Wever-Ducre BEBOW

Wever-Ducre BEBOW

Wever-Ducre BEBOW

Wever-Ducre BENTA

Wever-Ducre BENTO

Wever-Ducre BENTO

Wever-Ducre BISHOP

Wever-Ducre BISHOP

Wever-Ducre BLAS

Wever-Ducre BOX

Wever-Ducre BOX

Wever-Ducre BOX

Wever-Ducre BOX

Wever-Ducre BOX

Wever-Ducre BOX

Wever-Ducre BOX

ALLE FAMILIEN ANZEIGEN Wever-Ducre What does distinguish Wever & Ducré from the other major brands in architectural and design lighting? Why would you buy a lamp from this collection?

Where the really big names such as Delta Light and Modular do their utmost to offer the very latest technology to purge most lumen from the last watt , where the collections are sometimes more focused on the professional market, Wever & Ducré offers simple but comfortable solutions.

Of course, also here they use LED technology with good light output and low consumption, but just a little less the latest technology, so they can offer the product at a much more attractive price. Most of Wever & Ducré's lighting are dimmable with ordinary dimmers as you find them everywhere. No 1-10v or Dali modes, yet perfectly dimmable devices that fit in every interior.

The brand entered the decorative market, with the design taking precedence over technology. In every segment of the market there is a Wever & Ducré lamp. Whether it's build-up spots, downlights, ceiling lights, wall lights, built-in wall lights, hanging lamps or garden lamps, you'll always find your choice.

Wever & Ducré is back, so much is certain. Every season, new models are being launched and once again the brand is surprising. For those who seek quality and affordable design, this brand is definitely a good choice.