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Royal-Botania Dome
Royal Botania is mainly known for its quality garden furniture. Less known is the fact that Royal Botania also has an extensive collection of garden lighting. Without any doubt it is a special collection. Where most other manufacturers of garden lighting predominantly engage in design, Royal Botania focuses much more on the material, chooses materials that age beautifully and combine this with a very rustic or modern design. When your purchase Royal Botania garden lighting you buy something for life. Your garden immediately changes into a state-of-the-art. Those garden fixtures turn into light objects that deserve a place in every garden or terrace.

For the patio Royal Botania also has a winner at home. What do you think of this floor lamp including lampshade? The Royal Botania 3D would already fit in your living room and makes your patio an extension of your home. The floor lamp, or should you say garden pole is made in weatherproof materials and the shade is washable.
The Royal Botania Dove is a large beautiful collection of hand crafted hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and even movable lamps. Royal-Botania Beamy Royal-Botania Beacon Royal-Botania Parker
The Royal Botania Beamy is about the most successful model of this garden brand. Available in antique brass and zinc alloy. Price from 159,00 euro. The Beacon, a wonderful wall lamp in an unusual material: Porcelein. Available as a wall lamp and as a bollard. Price from 459,00 euro. New in the collection of Royal Botania, the Parker. Available as wall lamp, on foot and on pin.
Enjoy this video with an overview of the most important models of Royal Botania. Royal-Botania Tesla Royal-Botania Spiky Royal-Botania Irony
The Tesla is a new model, as a wall lamp or a ceiling lamp with a craft-made glass and a navigation LED lamp. Price from 359,00 euro. The Spiky is a garden pole on pin, on foot and on triple. This latest version is moveable. Price from 279,00 euro. A bollard in cast iron, for those who want to let their children play football in the garden. Indestructible.Price from 319.00 euro.
Royal-Botania Familien
Royal-Botania 3D

Royal-Botania 60T

Royal-Botania BEACON

Royal-Botania BEAMY

Royal-Botania BULLET

Royal-Botania CLOCHE

Royal-Botania CLUB

Royal-Botania CLUB_LOUNGE

Royal-Botania COBRA

Royal-Botania DOME

Royal-Botania DOME

Royal-Botania DOME

Royal-Botania DOME

Royal-Botania DOME

Royal-Botania ELLIPSE

Royal-Botania GLOW

Royal-Botania IRONY

Royal-Botania IRONY

ALLE FAMILIEN ANZEIGEN Royal-Botania Royal Botania brings very special garden lighting on the market. It is unique in the use of rustic, craft materials. A lot of garden lighting is nowadays made in aluminum, painted in gray or black. Not so at Royal Botania. A small summary of the materials used by Royal Botania makes it clear: Porcelain, Teak wood, Inox, Solid zinc, Bronze, Artificial glass, Natural stone and Cast iron.

Porcelain you will find at the Beacon and Moso collection, all in all beautiful garden objects with semi-light permeability for very special effects. Teak wood is available at Royal Botania in the Q-Bic, Ellipse and Lighthouse collections. Omega, Non and many others use Inox. Solid zinc is found in the popular Beamy, a material that is beautifully changing color to the typical zinc gray. The Beamy is also performed in Bronze, even though a material that is aging very well. Handcrafted glass is in the Cloche and Tesla, very heavy and handmade glass. Many garden poles are made of granite, an extremely resistant and hard material. And finally, perhaps the most beautiful and certainly the most indestructible material of all: Cast iron. This iron rusts but only at the surface. It has the typical rust color in dry state and becomes deep dark brown when it rains.

The Royal Botania collection is especially recommended for anyone who wants a light object in his garden, who wants quality and who wants to have years of enjoyment of his purchase.

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