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Modular Lighting has been making customized profiles for years. Previously, the linear light source was one or more fluorescent lamps, now these are almost all replaced by Led Arrays.

In addition to the well-known Fortimo LED lamps for spots, the manufacturer also developed the Fortimo Led Strip. In some profiles such as the Drupl, the Fortimo LED is equipped with whole series of lenses, as water droplets strung together. Hence the name of these profiles. Drupl is Flemish for drop.

The modular profiles of Modular come in many shapes and sizes. They can be mounted directly on the ceiling, or trimless built into the ceiling. There are also profiles that are built in with a board which makes the placement easier. And finally there are profiles hung on steel cables.

These profiles are always tailor-made and their composition is not always simple, especially if you want to achieve an optimized result. SixLight is at your disposal to design that special profile for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Drupl 70 Modular_Profile SL MICRO Modular_Profile MP78 Modular_Profile DRUPL 70 FLANGE
SL Micro MP78 Drupl 70 Flange
Modular_Profile 2FLAT2C Modular_Profile SL100 Modular_Profile SLD50
Modular_Profile SL MINI NAKED Modular_Profile H2A Modular_Profile SLD75
SL Mini Naked H2A SDL75
Modular writes: We manage each customers lighting project during each stage of the process, with the aim of creating the right light in the right number in the right place. It begins with the idea.

The concept: The second phase is about concretizing the idea in a viable concept. Important here is the gap between the customers’ expectations and what Modular can provide. We look at our portfolio and decide whether adjustments to existing lighting solutions are needed. Next, we define the impact of these adjustments on the timing and budget.

Everything is about creating added value. We ensure that the concept corresponds to an appropriate lighting plan, which includes the requirements of the specific environment. We also control the feasibility of the required technology and product development of the project. The last step is to optimize costs. The final stage of the process is the delivery. Our team monitors the implementation of the plan and proactively follows the deadline and budget.

Of course, all of this goes on in conjunction with SixLight. We add our +30 years of experience to Modular's know-how and make it a great result.

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