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DeltaLight GALA

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The Gala is a small and elegant wall lamp equipped with a halogen up to 150 watts or several LED lamps depending on the model. There are five models in the GALA family.

The smallest GALA has a length of 14,8cm, a height of 5.5 cm and a projection of 7cm. This can be equipped with one halogen up to 150 watts or four powerled of 1,1w. The LED version has a light output of 283 lumens for a consumption of 4.4 watts. The eco version of the halogen lamp of 120 watts has a light output of 2200 lumens. The LED version is rather an orientation light while the halogen version is able to illuminate a complete room. The smallest GALA comes in white or aluminum.

The larger GALA L from Delta Light has a length of 18cm, a height of 5,2 cm and a projection of 10.2cm. Again two light sources, either two powerled of 4.2 watts with a light output of 788 lumens and only upward light or a LED cluster of 6.3 watts and a light output of 367 lumens that has both upwards and downwards light. The larger Gala comes in white, aluminum gray or a dark gray finish.

And finally, there is a squarer model GALA S with a length of 8 cm, a height of 4,1cm and a projection of 10cm. It is equipped with a powerled of 6.2 watts and a light output of 575 lumens. This Gala has only upward light and a softening lens for a wider spread of light. This version comes in white and aluminum.

Unterfamilien der Familie GALA
DeltaLight GALA
DeltaLight GALA
DeltaLight GALA
DeltaLight GALA
Unterfamilie GALA
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