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Budget 1324
Budget , this is led lighting. Everyone wants this economical and sustainable lighting, but for many, the price is an obstacle.

Our Budget Collection wants to offer a solution. Very low prices and excellent quality. At those prices you have a lot of lighting for little money.

The ideal opportunity to make some changes at home and switch to LED even for the less important rooms in your house.

For bigger quantities, contact-us for even better prices.
A LED built-in budget wall light in a very tight design and beautiful finish. Inside a 2 watt LED in the light color 4000K. The ideal orientation lighting for indoors and outdoors. - 36,30 euro. Budget 8225 Budget 3878 Budget Lamps
Very nice wall lamp equipped with a 9 watt LED. The edges are illuminated and light is projected on the rear wall. LED lamp and driver included. - 81,65 euro. Beautiful budget pendant lamp, a true atmosphere brighter in the house. Vintage look. Equipped with an E27 socket so you can use all sort of lamps, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and led lamps. - 136,72 euro. In addition to the many beautiful lighting, we also bring you a whole collection of led lamps, in all shapes and colors and at very attractive prices.
Budget 8232 Elegant budget wall lamp that fits in any interior. Equipped with a 5 watt LED - 4000K. Dimension 17,5x8x9,6cm. Finish: white. - 53,72 euro. Budget 7517 Budget 1300 Budget 3850
Connect to the mains voltage, push into the ground and ready. The GU10 lamp provides an instant accent in your garden. IP65. - 38,87 euro. Budget also has a whole collection of spots for track, always with LED and in various wattages for both residential and professional applications. A very special hanging lamp in, yes, concrete! And as always, very budget-friendly. Equipped with an E27 socket for all kinds of lamps, including led lamps. - 82,15 euro.
Budget Familien
Welcome to the LED Budget world. This company is very straight forward. From a central European warehouse, all led lights are distributed. This modern, eco-friendly and advanced technology is now thanks to SixLight's Budget accessible at very low prices.

Low quality we did not allow. In spite of the very low prices, Budget Lights is and remains the same as you are used to at SixLight. It is an extension of our range, which also gives you access to LED lighting with a small wallet. Or you start with the top brands in your living room and kitchen and extends to your whole house with the Budget Led lights until your garage and utility rooms.

In addition to the many beautiful lighting fixtures, Budget also has a very large range of LED lamps from the popular GU10 retrofit halogen substitutes to the flame light bulbs for the chandelier.

This European lighting is offered by a system of additional discounts. If you buy a single lamp, you pay the low website price. If you buy more than 250 euros, you can already enjoy an extra 5% discount. Over 500 euros entitles you to a 10% discount and from 1000 euros you will receive no less than 15% extra discount. This discount will be applied automatically when you fill your shopping cart.

Do not wait any longer and switch on the LED lights without calling your budget.