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Scrollen und entdecken Sie einige Bestseller oder wählen Sie eine Kategorie und finden Sie sofort was Sie suchen. Astro Mashiko 400
Astro is a quality brand from the United Kingdom especially known for its beautiful, fun and versatile bathroom lighting.

At Astro you will not only find lighting especially for the bathroom but also a whole series of beautiful mirrors with built-in LED lighting. Such a mirror is the conical part of your bathroom.

Astro lighting is without any doubt quality lighting with an eye for the detail. You will also find ceiling lamps, elegant hanging lamps and also a whole collection of outdoor lighting.
The Mashiko Classic from Astro, beautiful ceiling lights with a very special design. Astro Gaudi Astro Flair Astro Cabin
Astro Gaudi, a beautiful and elegant wall lamp, made of matt nickel and bronze, to be combined with various lampshades. Astro Flair, large mirror in two sizes and with built-in fluorescent lamps 2x 39 watts, one for direct light, a second as indirect light. The Astro Cabin collection consists of wall and ceiling lamps in various finishes and materials.
Astro Aria Astro Aria is one of many plaster devices that can be painted in any color. Astro 8015 Astro Atelier Astro Altea
The Altea is an elegant wall lamp that can serve as a mirror lamp but also has many other applications. The Atelier collection, a group of desk lamps and standing lamps 'old style' The Astro Box is a collection of ceiling lamps, wall lamps and hanging lamps for the garden.
Astro Livorno Astro Nimis Astro Mashiko 500
The Livorno, it is a mirror, it is a light, it is a closet. The Nimis, a stylish hanging lamp for the table. The Mashiko 500 is a stylish mirror lamp.
Astro Familien