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Outdoor Lighting or garden lights is the collective name for all the lights that through its design, materials or enclosure is suitable for outdoor use around the house or in the garden. The variety is huge and to make the choice a bit easier you can start with having a look at the function. Below is a list of what there is on the market.

To light the outer wall of your house as decoration or as security lighting, you have two options. Do you have an overhang over the wall then at regular intervals you can place outdoor recessed downlights . These are protected by the overhang itself, so the IP protection does not need to be that high. But they must of course be made of corrosion-free materials otherwise they will rust. The choice goes to stainless steel or aluminum.

Another possibility is when you have light points foreseen in the outer wall. Many manufacturers have outdoor wall lights . The wall is obviously more susceptible to the weather conditions and therefore a higher degree of protection is necessary and the fixtures also need to be made of weather resistant materials. The choice is between wall lights that only illuminate upwards or downwards, depending on how you place them, but there are also wall lamps that illuminate upwards and downwards . You can place such a wall lamp near the front door, on one side or two, but it can also be repeated between the windows, this according to your own taste.

Apart from wall lighting there is also the garden path lighting. Again you have the choice between different types of garden. The most classic way is to foresee bollards. These are high or less high columns in which a light source is incorporated. Manufacturers do this in a very creative way. Some of these design garden poles become real design objects and in addition to their function they also have a decorative value.

Another way to create a path of garden lights is placing garden spots on the edge of the path. These spots disappear in the plants. The illuminated plants than are the beacon that marks the garden path. An alternative are ground spots recessed lights along the edge of the path. For higher plants, you better use ground spots, for lower planting garden spots are better.

A nice alternative is to place spots not along the path but at the path itself. Pay careful attention to the pressure that those ground spots can have. There are ground spots on the market that are purely decorative, some are suitable to be walked, a smaller number is also suitable to resist the pressure of a car.

Must the light source be visible? Or maybe the plants are lit and therefore have your attention. Again this is a personal choice. My personal preference is always for outdoor lighting that unobtrusively is doing its job and put the environment in a beautiful light.

In the lawn and under trees can you work with recessed ground spots. In the borders, you can work with garden spots or bollards depending on your preference.

With outdoor lighting and garden lighting you have to follow some rules. The luminaires must meet a number of requirements in terms of materials and protection. Account should be taken of the surrounding area. A spotlight placed near the sea, in the full salty sea breeze will obviously have to meet much higher standards than a spotlight inland in a protected environment. And finally, the placement should also be carried out professionally and attention should be paid to the cable input and drainage.

Royal-Botania Beamy
Price VAT incl.: 136,13 €
Price without VAT: 112,50 €
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Modular Nude
Price VAT incl.: 430,92 €
Price without VAT: 356,13 €
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DeltaLight Aula
Price VAT incl.: 298,00 €
Price without VAT: 246,28 €
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DeltaLight Grafiti
Price VAT incl.: 765,40 €
Price without VAT: 632,56 €
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DeltaLight Leds_Go
Price VAT incl.: 77,60 €
Price without VAT: 64,13 €
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DeltaLight Nox
Price VAT incl.: 225,10 €
Price without VAT: 186,03 €
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