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DeltaLight FORTY_5
Price VAT included: 215.99 €
Price VAT excl: 178.50 €

Wever-Ducre HEXO
Price VAT included: 51.11 €
Price VAT excl: 42.24 €

Wever-Ducre EDGE
Price VAT included: 335.41 €
Price VAT excl: 277.21 €

Wever-Ducre SOLID
Price VAT included: 166.11 €
Price VAT excl: 137.28 €

DeltaLight RAND
Price VAT included: 368.42 €
Price VAT excl: 304.48 €

DeltaLight GABOO
Price VAT included: 392.81 €
Price VAT excl: 324.64 €

Price VAT included: 277.70 €
Price VAT excl: 229.50 €
Bega Dark Delta Light Luceplan Luminello Modular Philips PSM Royal Botania SLV Wever Ducre
Light and lighting plays a big role in our lives. Lighting allows us not only to see, it also provides coziness. Proper lighting ensures that we do not needlessly exhaust our eyes and improves our performance. Psychologically it helps us to enlighten the day and get through it without depression or pessimism.
Lighting has a cost. Yet much light does not necessarily mean a high bill . It is perfectly possible to have an good lighting system without breaking the. Our site, specialized in architectural and design lighting, is helping you to find the right solution. The large collection of lighting fixtures are divided into different categories and for each fixture you will always find the right bulb.
Basically it is quite simple. Just provide the right fixture equipped with the right lamp and install it on the right place. It sounds simple but it is not always that easy. On our site you will find many useful tips and much more lighting solutions. That's good for your mood, your budget and of course, for the environment.
We made for you the following convenient subdivisions : Indoor lighting , Outdoor lighting and LED lighting. Each category is further divided into a number of sub-categories so you can find the right lighting in a minimum of time.
On the site you will also find all the major brands . We offer only quality lighting . There is the absolute market leader Delta Light which together with Modular Lighting and Wever & Ducre is a Belgian trio, known worldwide for design and architectural lighting. SLV offers no-nonsense light, quality at an affordable price . And Royal Botania has outdoor lighting in original quality materials.